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Eyebrow Transplant in Mumbai

Having perfectly arched eyebrows can definitely add to your beauty and personality. With an eyebrow hair transplant now it’s possible to have those perfectly arched, dark and symmetrical eyebrows. It is astonishing that a few strands of hair implanted on your thin or missing eyebrows can have such an immense effect on the way you look which in turn boosts your self confidence and self esteem. Now the most important part of this procedure is to make sure that the new eyebrows look completely natural and not attract a lot of attention. With the skills and experience of a good plastic surgeon it is possible to achieve that goal. Here at Evolve clinic, we make it our goal to give you the desired and natural looking eyebrows with variety of eyebrow replacement options. Dr Samir Ahire and his team will make sure that you will look at your best with natural looking and well arched eyebrows.

Frequently Asking Questions

Over-Plucking of eyebrows in Women
Traumatic Loss Of Eyebrow
Radiation And Chemotherapy.
Thin Eyebrow.
Alopecia Areata
Thyroid Disorders

Above reasons can create the need of eyebrow hair loss treatment.

Eyebrow hair is vertically oriented on the medial side, while they become horizontal as they go laterally. The eyebrow arcs laterally with a peak at the junction of medial two thirds and lateral one third. Eyebrows are straighter and thicker in males while they are more arched, thinner and higher in females. The hair density of eyebrows generally stays stable with age; however plucking or tattooing might change it.

Eyebrows take a central position on your face. They can literally make or break your looks. Perfectly shaped, dark eyebrows can add definitive attributes to your looks whereas they can dampen a beautiful face if they are sparse or almost missing.

Typically the grafts for eyebrow transplantation are taken from scalp, legs, pubic region, armpit hair. The scalp hair would be typically taken from nape of neck or sides due it’s soft texture. However, the scalp hair grows faster than eyebrow hair hence they will need to be trimmed quite often to keep them short.

As for every hair transplant, the transplanted hair will fall out in the next 5 weeks because of the transplantation stress. This is only temporary so don’t worry. After 3 to 4 months the hair will regrow. After approximately 6 months the full result will appear. Transplanted eyebrow hair will initially grow at the rate of the donor scalp hair but over a period of time begin to slow down in speed, especially after the first year or two to the natural rate of eyebrow hair due to the influence of the skin in the eyebrow region on the overall growth of these transplanted hair (a condition known as recipient dominance).

There are many reasons to consider thickening your eyebrows. Candidates for such a procedure range from those looking to enhance their appearance to those looking for convenience:


An eyebrow transplant is very similar to hair transplants for the scalp. Dr. Samir first numbs all areas with an anesthetic to avoid pain. Dr. Samir will take grafts from the back of the head or above the ears. These grafts include the follicle that makes the hair and the hair shaft itself. There will be one small incision on the back of the scalp that will be hidden in the hair.

In order to place the grafts in the eyebrows, small incisions are made in the desired shape, location, and trajectory. The grafts are then placed into these small micro-incisions. The procedure takes approximately two to three hours.

An eyebrow transplant consultation at our Premier Image Cosmetic & Laser Surgery clinic with Dr. Daraei will put you at ease with regards to the procedure. You can ask any questions you may have on your mind at that time.

Additionally, we will discuss your medical and hair history in detail. We will review your anatomy, paying close attention to your brows. We will discuss what looks natural for your face. For some people, computer imaging can be used to demonstrate the result.

Recovering from eyebrow transplant surgery is a quick process. There will be some scabbing in the area for the first few days and you mustn’t pick or scratch them.

You should also refrain from intense exercise for as long as two weeks post-surgery. This may vary depending on your progress and your surgeon will advise you accordingly. In the case that you notice swelling, bleeding, or pus in the area of the transplant, contact the surgeon.

In the final stages of your recovery, you will notice that the transplanted hairs may fall out. This is not a cause for alarm. It is a sign that the follicles have been accepted at the donor site and that they should grow back in over the next few months.

Eyebrow  Transplant cost is probably the first thing that comes in your mind when we think of getting a eyebrow transplant surgery and due to the rising demands for the beard transplant procedure in the recent years by people as the best and permanent solution for their eyebrow problems, many hair transplant clinics have started offering cheap beard transplant price in Mumbai, & people without knowing the implication are opting for these packages with low eyebrow implant price in Mumbai.

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