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Beard Transplant in Mumbai

Facial Hair transplant which includes Beard and Moustache Transplant is the second most frequent site for hair transplant, next to the scalp. Beard and moustacheis considered a sign of masculinity, and present fashion trends also emphasize styling of beards. Hence men with deficient beards can often feel deprived and ask for beard transplant.

Beards and moustache start developing at puberty, and by 20 years of age most boys will have a full adult beard and moustache. However this can be variable and many young men will continue developing their beard and moustache for another 2 or 3 years. Hence it is advisable to wait till the age of 23 before considering beard and moustache transplant.

Beard transplant is a very safe and successful procedure. The basics of the procedure are same. Hair is taken from the person’s safe zone at the back of the head, and then transplanted to the beard and moustache area just as in a normal scalp transplant. Success rate in the face is very high because of the rich blood supply of the face.


Frequently Asking Questions

Beard transplantation is the transplantation of grafts taken using different techniques to areas that are beardless or sparse. Thanks to the procedure mentioned here, you can have the beard of the desired density.

The most suitable candidates for this procedure are those with a beardless or mustache-free area and sparse beards. Besides, although the procedure here is extremely simple and safe, it should not be forgotten that it is a surgical procedure. Therefore, to have this procedure, the person concerned should not have any health problems. Beard transplantation is not considered appropriate for those with cancer and similar serious diseases.

No, it is not. Advanced techniques are used for beard transplantation. Thanks to these techniques, grafts are transplanted at the right angle and desired frequency during beard transplantation. You can be sure that the result at the end of the procedure will not be different from your natural beards.

The procedure is a surgical procedure. Therefore, it is performed under local anesthesia. There is no pain or discomfort at this stage. However, after the anesthetic effect wears off, you may have some pain. You can spend this period more comfortably by taking the painkillers prescribed by your doctor.

No, there isn’t. In the past, there used to be scars in the donor area because of some techniques used. However, new techniques developed have eliminated this problem. Very small incisions are made for the procedure and no scars remain after these incisions heal. Likewise, a special technique is used to collect grafts from the donor area and there is no scarring here as well.

The first periods after beard transplantation are quite sensitive. Therefore, you should not shave without the doctor’s advice and instruction. Your doctor will give you the necessary information on this subject. However, in general, you can shave after 15-20 days.

If you have a light job, you can return to your office right away after having a beard transplantation. If you have the opportunity, you can rest for 1-2 days. After this stage, you can return to your normal life, provided that you do not force yourself at home and do heavy work. However, you will need a week or more for complete healing of your face. Although it does not interfere with your normal routine, you should protect your face from bumps or contact for the first week.

Yes, it is. If there is no condition due to a different disease or trauma, the transplanted beards will be permanent. In short, you can think of transplanted beards as your natural beards.

The first wash after the beard transplantation is done in the clinic. You can do the subsequent washes yourself. You should wash gently according to the doctor’s instructions. While washing your beard, you should not press, use water at normal temperatures and choose the solutions and shampoos recommended by your doctor.

Beard Transplant cost is probably the first thing that comes in your mind when we think of getting a beard transplant surgery and due to the rising demands for the beard transplant procedure in the recent years by people as the best and permanent solution for their beard problems, many hair transplant clinics have started offering cheap beard transplant price in Mumbai, & people without knowing the implication are opting for these packages with low beard implant price in Mumbai.

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